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Abaddon - Making Of

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-Making Of-
by Roberto Julio Alamo

Greetings friends.
Wellcome to the Dark World of Abaddon. Then I would show some screenshots taken while I was working in this film. I hope you enjoy it.

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It was time to do something good indeed! Incredible 3D work of a little-known designer, but little by little it is a niche in this difficult profession in which privileged few are able to stand out. Director, writer, designer, modeler, creative, composer, cartoonist, writer ... And it has everything to be one of the great promises of our country. Already we have seen before in his projects and 3D video and always manages to surprise us with their creativity and skills in the world of entertainment. In the horror genre has always inspired by the greats of his field such as Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Philip Lovecraft that could be labeled as the greatest writers of horror and suspense. It remains to find the best director and designer of this novel that, if continues, soon we will see the best.

Thank you very much Pablo, I really apreciate that you enjoy with my tales and films, and specially that you recognize my work. In this times is so difficult to go ahead, and it is always gratifying to know that there are people who enjoy my stories.

I hope to can finish this shortfilm soon and make more stories of the Dark World to all the people can see it for free.

Thank you again, and I hope you continue watching my works.
A greeting!

Roberto Julio Alamo -Rolls3D-

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