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miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014

About the Director - Roberto Julio Alamo - Rolls3D

Posted by Rolls on 5:07

Abaddon is a Saga created and designed by Roberto Julio Alamo – Rolls3D -, based in his own tales and characters.
This adventure elapses in the Dark World of Abaddon, where Hell Wars take place.

This is a Fantasy Fiction Non-Commercial work created by Roberto Julio Alamo - CG Artist

Roberto Julio Alamo – Rolls3D- (born February 22, 1985) is a CG Artist, director, screenwriter and writer. His passion for Cinema, 3D and Special Effects led him to work on several shortfilms, with animation and real actors. Also noteworthy is his literary Tales from the Threshold , a stories inside the dark universe of Howard Philips Lovecraft; also he is the creator and director of short films like Subb Niggurath, Bill Ufohunter or A Fistful of Zombies.

With this fantasy fiction, Abaddon, Rolls3D pretends to give life his own tales creating a Saga of shortfilms based in his dark character Abaddon the cursed warrior.

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Abaddon - The Prologue

Posted by Rolls on 16:05

Directed by Roberto Julio Alamo

Abaddon - The Prologue
Original Version

Abaddon - The Prologue
Spanish Subtitles

sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013

Characters - Abaddon

Posted by Rolls on 4:50


ABADDON - Abaddon was a Knight of the Order of the Dragon who fought for the Northern Kingdoms. Now, after the Great War, the Order has fallen, and in his deathbed, Abaddon swore revenge. Belial, one of the great Lords of Darkness returned the Abaddon´s life again, in exchange for his soul and his service. Now Abaddon has become a warrior under the command of Hell.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

Abaddon - Making Of

Posted by Rolls on 12:07

-Making Of-
by Roberto Julio Alamo

Greetings friends.
Wellcome to the Dark World of Abaddon. Then I would show some screenshots taken while I was working in this film. I hope you enjoy it.

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Abaddon - Banners

Posted by Rolls on 15:06

-Film Banners-
by Roberto Julio Alamo

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

Wellcome to the Official Abaddon Website

Posted by Rolls on 13:51

Wellcome to the Dark World of Abaddon. Created by Roberto Julio Alamo.

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